Monday, 7 March 2011

Words by the Water

THE annual Words by the Water festival has begun at Keswick's Theatre By The Lake and features many of the great names from the world of literature.

Today was Guardian writers day with northern editor Martin Wainwright and former northern correspondent David Ward taking to the stage. Martin entertained the audience with an hour-long ramble through the best of the north with Sekers, Marchon and Kangol being among the Cumbrian firms to gain a mention.

Next up was David Ward who seems to have cornered the market in writing about revamped theatres. David wrote Encore - the story of Keswick's blue box theatre which transformed into the magnificent building there today. And he's just written the book on the multi-million pound rebuilding of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. It looks a fantastic building and David told the story of the politics behind the scene and the fantastic vision that produced the new national treasure.

There's still a week left of great events though most have long since sold out. Try queueing for returns or start booking for next year's festival.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

A few notes

Some odds and sods from my gleanings...

"Well put me on a horse and point me in the direction of Carlisle" - Cumbrian saying

An old signpost in Cumbria apparently once said: "To Kendal: X6" A lovely mixture of roman and modern numbers!

A Cumbrian prayer of old for those risking a trip to London: “In the name of God, Amen. Because I am at this instant, God assysting mee, intendyd to go for London, and that no mortal man is certayne of his saffe returne."

"Ah'll tell tha a stworey,
About Jack Lworey;
An' that's me teal begun.
...He went intul t' wood;
An comm oot again.
Seah noo me stworey iss deun."
- Old Cumberland jingle